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an international network
of young artists and
theater educators
Young IDEA


We are young.

We have a lot of questions.

We are international & worldwide.

We are artists, educators & scientists.

We want to promote transcultural exchange.

We are students, young professionals & lecturers.

We want to create a worldwide Young IDEA network.

Young IDEA is an international network of young artists & theater educators. We want to collaborate with people all over the wolrd to create diverse projects in art & education. As a part of the International Drama Theatre and Education Association [IDEA] we are following the IDEA constitution. Learn more about IDEA at

We are not an independent association; our works following the interests of IDEA. We are interested in the participation of all young people, who feel connected to IDEA and especially, those who experienced Young IDEA events in the past.

Please feel welcome to get in touch with us. 

Our current project:

Young IDEA Lab 1 - Togo

Any News?

Read our blog! 

What happened so far:

1th international student meeting (ism)

Rostock/GER, May 2018

Discuss with us!

Join Our Forum.

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